Useful Resources

Below are a number of resources that we recommend in your studies on Earth Station technology and satellite communications generally.


The best places to look for textbooks is Abebooks, where you can often buy good quality second-hand copies, and of course, Amazon.  These textbooks are often very expensive for the latest editions, but older editions are still often worth buying, as the fundamental principles have not changed.

(Note that we do not receive any financial benefit from any of these book purchases you may make from any sellers)

intro satcomms elbert
Introduction to Satellite Communication

(B Elbert)

Satellite Communications

(T Pratt, J Allnutt)

satcomms system engineering ippolito book
Satellite Communications Systems Engineering

(L J Ippolito)

Satellite Communications

(D Roddy)

ground station elbert book
The Satellite Communication Ground Segment & Earth Station Handbook

(B Elbert)

Commercial Satellite Communication
Commercial Satellite Communication

(S Pascall, D Withers)

communications satellite handbook morgan gordon
Communications Satellite Handbook

(W Morgan, G Gordon)

satellite communications applications handbook elbert
The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook

(B Elbert)

satellite communicaions systems maral bousquet
Satellite Communications Systems Systems, Techniques and Technology

(G Maral, M Bousquet, Z Sun)

Some useful websites

If you have any suggestions for useful sites, please email us and we will consider your suggestion for inclusion here.

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