About Us

SlingPath is the online training brand of BeaconSeek, a UK-based satellite communications firm which has been in business for over twenty years.

Part of the business of BeaconSeek is delivering training on satellite communications – both hands-on practical and theory – through public courses and to companies as bespoke courses.  As a result, we’ve gained significant understanding in how to communicate complex concepts to a wide knowledge base – and we reflect this in building our online training portfolio.

We first launched SlingPath as an online training course for SNG operations in 2007, and it was used by a number of broadcasters and some satellite operators to train both their customers as well as their staff.

We are now expanding SlingPath to offer a range of online courses in satellite communications with a focus on the ground segment.

Basic SNG Operations Course

View an example of one of our hands-on training courses.

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