Introduction to SNG and ENG Microwave
By Jonathan Higgins

This book is recommended for the Basic SNG Operations course.

This is an easy to understand and useful "quick-start" guide to satellite and electronic microwave newsgathering. It provides a basic grounding in analogue, digital, compression, and satellite technology for a comprehensive understanding of the subject. It shows how the process works from beginning to end, including important legal and safety issues.

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Satellite Newsgathering
By Jonathan Higgins

The second edition of this popular book builds upon the success of the first—an important and valuable work that is extremely easy to read, comprehensive in its treatment, and detailed where necessary. SNG used to be an immensely complex and expensive affair where broadcasting organizations were at the mercy of an expert who sat in a lonely corner, until needed. Things have changed—everyone in a global news organization needs to know about it now. This is not only because of the high costs of mistakes, but because now even non-technical journalists on the ground have to operate their own equipment. Learn the skills, basics of equipment, cutting edge technology and critical safety issues of satellite newsgathering.

(Available at BeaconSeek or Elsevier)


Suunto Tandem Compass/Clinometer
The Suunto Tandem is two precision instruments in one, measuring azimuth and elevation in one rugged and compact unit, and is ideal for setting up satellite and microwave links. It enables you to take forward and reverse azimuth readings when aligning an antenna.

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