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Basic SNG Operations
Summary  The Basic SNG Operations and Practical SNG Operations courses were developed to provide a solution to the global phenomenon of satellite interference. Interference can result from poor operator skills and training. The Basic SNG Operations course offers a thorough introduction to the theoretical knowledge to use satellites.  
Description  Basic SNG Operations is an online course covering the correct procedures to access a satellite. The course is presented in seven modules and include topics such as the origins of satellite newsgathering, how to uplink, and safety hazards.

The course contains multimedia features such as interactions, animations, graphics, charts, and audio. Throughout the course are quizzes that reinforce your learning and self-check activities which test your knowledge and prepare you for the assessment.  
  • professional training in transmission to eliminate satellite interference caused by operator error
  • increased confidence in rigging up, transmitting, and de-rigging SNG equipment
  • greater effectiveness in the use of satellite bandwidth and capacity
  • increased credibility within the SNG industry
    Contents  The following learning objectives are covered in the Basic SNG Operations course:
  • identify and understand satellites
  • develop an understanding of satellite operation
  • identify and recall the purpose of the SNG system principles
  • understand how to operate an SNG uplink
  • identify the purpose and role of control centers
  • understand the procedures of accessing a satellite
  • identify what to look for and what to avoid when conducting a site survey
  • understand the purpose of a survey checklist
  • identify common hazards
    Outcomes  After successfully completing the Basic SNG Operations course, the student will be awarded a Record of Competency in Basic SNG Operations. Full certification is gained by also taking the companion course Practical SNG Operations. After successfully completing both courses, the student will be awarded a Certificate in SNG Operations. This demonstrates to any satellite operator or employer that the certificate holder has been trained and examined to an industry standard.  
    Fee  USD 595 excl. VAT  
    Duration  It takes approximately eight hours to complete the course.