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SlingPath provides competency-based training for the international satellite newsgathering community. Our aim is to reduce the number of satellite interference incidents that occur annually by providing operators with the knowledge they require to work competently in the industry. BeaconSeek Limited offers SlingPath in association with e-Blended Learning Solutions Limited.
  BeaconSeek Limited

We are a consultancy, project management, and systems integration firm specializing in the use of satellite and wireless technology for mobile and fixed networks, particularly for microwave, VSAT, and SNG applications. We provide solutions for corporate and government networks via the use of VSAT networks, as well as broadcast newsgathering and event coverage for television, radio, and the web.

We also provide training of various types relating to the use of satellite communications, and in particular formal training in satellite newsgathering (SNG).
  e-Blended Learning Solutions Limited

e-Blended Learning Solutions Limited (e-BLS) delivers customized, practical courses with innovative, multimedia-enhanced educational content, based on sound pedagogical principles.

By partnering with e-BLS, you are tapping into years of research, knowledge, and experience. From initial concept to end product, we provide the complete package for online and offline delivery.

e-BLS: making anytime, anywhere education a reality.