Enrollment Options

There are two ways to enroll in the Basic SNG Operations course.

1. Individual Enrollment

Choose this option if you either have been sent an enrollment code and want to start the course or if you are purchasing just one enrollment. If you have been sent a code please fill out the individual enrollment form and enter the enrollment code. Please note that using an enrollment code allows your employer or contracting company to follow your progress through the course.

If you are purchasing the individual enrollment yourself, please fill out the form and choose one of the payment options.

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2. Business/Group Enrollment

Choose this option if you want to enroll more than one person in a course. You might want your staff to take the course. Alternatively, equipment suppliers might want to include the enrollments as part of a sales package.

You have two options to select from. You can either pay when you enroll students or reserve seats for students to pay themselves. When you enroll students, enrollment codes are sent to you to distribute to the students, who then fill out individual enrollment forms. If an individual uses an enrollment code, the company can monitor the progress of the individual throughout the course.

If you are buying multiple seats, you may be able to arrange a discounted rate. Click here to ask about this.

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